I guess you know it. Endless lectures about any topics. How are you as a listener? Passive. Is this really what we need today? No. Crusaders’ Legacy wants to overcome passivity and it doesn’t just want to transfer knowledge.

I want to talk to the whole man because men are excited when they can touch something and try it out. This is why you get a sword instead of a chair here.

We work outside so it would be great if you have a garden or a place to practice. The weather should be okay too. I will come to you. I live near Lübeck and should be able to reach you by car. I have got eight swords so eight men can take part at once.

I want to reach your brain too but I want to get you active to encourage an active lifestyle. This lifestyle will make a difference
in the world. Just a filled brain won’t do.

 So I challenge you.