About me

My name is Henner Oldenburg. I was always fascinated by the sword because it is such an elegant weapon. It stands for the values of knighthood. These values always spoke to me and I appreciated them. But I never learned how to fight with a sword and when Jens asked me 2014 AD, if I would take part in a seminar by Christian Bott, I immediately said yes. If the sword speaks to you why shouldn’t you learn how to use it?

During the training I quickly recognized that I wanted to continue. The quickness and changes during battle demand a lot from the fighter. You get to know a lot about you. It challenges you and gives you an unfiltered feedback. It is honest so to say.

Jens who is like a father for me gave me the crusader sword after we travelled a long way together.

To intensify the work with the sword I bought two sparring swords. In training and battles with friends I realized that there was so much more. There is so much potential in this weapon. This is how Crusaders’ Legacy was born…

The basic facts:

Since 1982 AD on planet earth

Since 2003 AD dual citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven

Since 2017 AD passionate crusader