About Crusaders’ Legacy

Again and again Christians are confronted with the crusades when they talk about their faith. Most of them only have a vage idea about the military missions into the Holy Land. But the one thing they know is that the crusades were very evil. This is told us again and again. What can you say in a discussion? Give up ashamed? Not before you know the facts.

The knight always was a vessel of values to me. But the crusader? Was he really so evil as everybody says? Is there nothing honorable about him? Had he no values? I wanted to figure that out. I didn’t want to be unable to anything sound in discussions anymore. So I took the challenge in summer 2013 AD while didn’t know what might come out during my investigations.

Through God’s Battalions by Rodney Stark and other sources I came to the conclusion that the common picture about the crusades needs to be corrected in many ways. When I read the book again two years later I was sure that there is nothing Christians need to be ashamed of. I wanted to correct the image. So I read the book a third time. This time I wrote down all important facts. These facts are the basis for the historical parts of Crusaders’ Legacy. Because I was into fencing I had the idea to combine the two things. Crusaders’ Legacy was born…